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The Dr. M.K. Parsi Women's Center at Via Christi Hospital Pittsburg offers quality, family centered services for expectant families.

Our women's health care team includes the primary care physician, pediatricians, nurses and other health specialists who tailor care to the special needs of both mother and baby. For patient convenience, most deliveries take place in our labor and delivery rooms, but an operating room equipped for cesarean section births is close by, just in case. 

Don't forget to visit Via Christi's Online Nursery, which provides family and friends a first look our newest additions.

Our Women's Center features an infant security system 24 hours a day for the safety of mother and baby. Mother, baby and another adult receive identification bands for further infant security. With services like this, it's no wonder we have birthdays here all the time!

New Women’s Center opens at Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg

Occupying the entire third floor of the hospital, the new center is three times the size of the previous center, which opened in 1971. Since 2004, the number of births at the hospital has increased 65 percent, according to Women’s Center director, Janelle Wade. While the previous unit had three labors rooms and eight semiprivate postpartum rooms, the new Women’s Center has five labor rooms and 13 all-private postpartum rooms.

Rooms are equipped with hotel-style amenities including flat screen televisions, recliners, larger bathrooms with showers and hair dryers. Postpartum rooms have queen-sized beds to enable fathers as well as mothers to bond with their new child.

The $8.2 million project includes two new triage rooms and a central fetal monitoring system so a nurse can monitor multiple babies. An enhanced Level II nursery provides a more intense level of care for sick babies who now can be born at this hospital instead of having to be delivered elsewhere.

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