Patients share stories about their successful weight loss

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Our patients can tell you better than anyone about the expert and compassionate care they found at Via Christi Hospitals. Click the links below to read their stories.

Weight Loss

Celia Cayless thought she wouldn't qualify for gastric bypass surgery. Learn how her decision changed her size, her eating habits and her perspective on life.

Dana Rose, a 50-year-old mother of three and a die-hard Oklahoma Sooners football fan, has more to cheer about these days as she and her husband, Dennis, head for the games.

Fifty-three-year-old twins Denise and Danette Brown have shared a lot of things. Now they share one more — flattering waistlines.

Gary Stone and Tammy Metzger-Stone decided to lose weight with Via Christi Weight Management and ended up gaining each other.

Firefighter Mike Burke had put on extra weight and decided to do something about it. Burke turned to Via Christi Weight Management to lose weight and enrolled in the HMR program. Learn about how the program and weight loss have had a positive impact on his life and physically demanding career.

Mitch Nelson started the HMR Meal Program knowing failure was not an option. Read how through hard work and a strong support group he has lost over 200 pounds.

Tonya Howard said it best: " Via Christi Weight Management saved my life." Read how weight loss surgery helped her lose nearly 100 pounds and go from taking 11 medications a day to only one. 

Via Christi Weight Management

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