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Patient Rights and Responsibilities


Wamego Health Center respects and protects the rights of each patient.  We value your participation in making decisions about care.  We encourage you to understand your rights and responsibilities so that you can receive the best possible health care.

Your Rights as a Patient

1.     You have the right to be treated with respect by all Hospital Personnel.

2.     You have the right to have cultural and spiritual values considered when treatment decisions are made.

3.     You have the right to receive care without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin,
        disability, or source of payment.

4.     You have the right to personal privacy so that any care,discussion, examination or treatment is conducted
        confidentially.  Persons not involved in your care must have your permission to be present at any exam or
        treatment.  Information related to your care is confidential.

5.     You have the right to choose who may and may not visit while you are a patient at WCH.  Restrictions or
        limitations may occur when the patient is undergoing care interventions; infection control issues; and
        when visitation may interfere with the care of other patients.  Including disruptive, threatening or violent 
        behavior of any kind. 

6.     You have the right to participate in planning your health care and to know which physician is primarily
        responsible for your medical care.  Also to know the identity and professional status of your care givers.

7.     You have the right to information in terms that you can understand.  This concerns your diagnosis, 
        treatment, expected outcome and any proposed procedures or treatments including purpose of the
        treatment or procedure, possible beneftis, known serious side effects or risks, problems related to
        recovery, alternative procedures or treatments.

8.     You have the right to access the information in your medical record, with your physician present.

9.     You have the right to obtain consultation with, or transfer to, the care of another physician.

10.   You have the right to make decisions regarding your health care, including the acceptance or refusal of a
        proposed procedure, drug or treatment and to be informed of the possible consequences of such decision.

11.   You have the right to be informed at the time of the hospital discharge about your needs for, and ways of
        obtaining, follow-up care.

12.   You have the right to make advance treatment directives and to have your directives honored.

13.   You have the right t appoint a person to make health care decisions on your behalf in the event you lose
        that ability.

14.   You have the right to appropriate management of pain or discomfort.

15.   You have the right to attention of psychological and spiritual concerns and to receive supportive care if you
        are dying.

16.   You have the right to transfer to another health care facility when medically permissible and after you have
        received complete information of the alternative to transferring.  The institution to which you are being
        transferred must first accept you for transfer.

17.   You have the right to have complaints about your care reviewed and resolved when possible.

18.   You have the right to ask questions regarding your bill and receive an explanation of he charges.

Patient's Responsibilities

1.     As a patient, you are responsible to participate actively in your health care by providing accurate and
        complete information about present and past illnesses and matters relating to your health.  We encourage
        you to ask questions if instructions or procedures are not understood and to participate in making
        decisions in collaboration with our physician.

2.     As a patient you are responsible to accept the consequences of your decision to refuse treatment or if you
        disregard the instructions of the doctor, nurse and other health professionals providing your care.

3.      As a patient you are responsible to be considerate of the rights of the patients and Wamego City Hospital
         personnel by controlling the noise and the number of visitors received at one time.

4.     As a patient you assume financial responsibility for health care services provided by notifying your
        insurance company prior to admission if the insurance company requires preadmission certification.

5.     As  patient, if you are unable to excercise these rights and responsibilities, our guardian, next of kin or
        legally authorized surrogate has the right to exercise these on your behalf.

6.     If you have questions regarding these rights and responsibilities or with to voice a concern about a 
        possible violation of your rights, you may contact our Risk Manager at 785.456.2295.

Notice of Medical Staff Availability

Wamego Health Center has a member of its medical staff available and on-call 24 hours per day because our medical staff is not present on-site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  When a member of our medical staff is not at the hospital, patients with medical emergencies will be assessed and treated by qualified medical personnel. 

 Questions and Concerns

If you have concerns about the care you or your family member received, we encourage you to speak with your physician, your nurse or the unit nursing supervisor or director.

You have the right to appeal concerns to the Department of Health Services Adult Care Complaint Hotline at 800-842-0078, Kansas Medicaid Consumer Assistance at 800-776-9012, Kansas Foundation for Medical Care (Medicare) at 800-432-0407, The Joint Commission Office of Quality Monitoring at 800-994-6610 or the Department of Laboratory Services at 877-267-2323 ext. 63531.