VPN Troubleshooting Procedure

The Via Christi Hospitals Help Desk phone number is 316-689-6111. This telephone support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are experiencing problems with connecting or staying connected to Via Christi Regional Medical Center's VPN, some of the following procedures may be helpful.

If this is the first time you have tried to access the VPN and are having trouble, here are some situations that have been found. Anti-Virus programs will sometimes interfere with the client. You may have to "tweak" your anti-virus settings. These tweaks vary widely depending on the anti-virus program and are different with each one. You may just have to "play" with it. I can not recommend turning it off entirely, unless it is turned back on after logging out of the VPN.

If you have "Black-Ice" personal firewall, it will have to be told to allow access to the address of our VPN, (

If you have "Zone Alarm" personal firewall, it must be set for "medium" security, both inbound and outbound for the VPN client to work.

If your client has been installed and working previously, the following may help.

First you will want to establish basic Internet access by opening a "Favorite Web Site". If you can not access Web Sites from your Internet browser, your Internet access is not working and you will not be able to connect to the VPN. Please call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for assistance.

Common local phone numbers are provided below in Table-1. Please check your support documentation as these may change.

If your Internet access is working, then you can open a "Command Prompt" by going to "Start>Run, type "cmd" (no quotes) into the box that opens, and click "OK". When the "Command Prompt" comes up, type the following; "ping". FIGURE-1 below displays a common ping and "good" response times.


If the "time=XXXms" field is greater than 400ms, your service is degraded and you should call your local Internet Service Provider.

You may also want to perform a "trace route" to determine exactly where the problem exists. Local service providers routinely have users perform this function during trouble calls. This is usually done after they have you reset the "modem", the "PC" and any "Firewall/Router" device you may have.

You may use the existing "Command Prompt" or open a new one, as in the previous step. This time you will type "tracert". FIGURE-2 displays a typical trace route and "good" response times.

Generally, if the times displayed exceed 300ms for any given entry, your access is degraded. If the response times exceed 500ms or "time-out" your internet access is not working properly. These indications would warrant a call to your Internet Service Provider. Again, see Table-1, below.



If you can access Web sites, if ping and tracert times are acceptable and you still can not get connected to the VPN, please call our Help Desk (316-689-6111) for further assistance.


Cox Communications: (316) 263-3278

Sprint Broadband: (888) 996-001

South Western Bell (SWB) DSL: (888) 274-9045

ViaChristi Help Desk: (316) 689-6111