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New Models of Care: Vision 2020
Coming clearly into focus

Physicians, nurses and other clinicians will lead all decision making about health care for patients and senior village residents at Via Christi Health — and that care will be coordinated to make sure the right care is provided in the appropriate clinical setting.

This care will be delivered by physician-led teams of clinicians. And every team member in every location — from Via Christi’s hospitals and outpatient treatment centers to its physician clinics and senior care villages — will make their top priority improving the quality, safety and value of the care they provide.

This is what the future will look like in Via Christi as a result of the health care organization’s “Vision 2020” strategic planning process. This fall, Via Christi begins its journey toward a new shared vision by implementing a three-year strategic plan that has been developed over the past nine months.

“We are committed to becoming even more patient-centered than we are now,’’ says Jeff Korsmo, president and CEO of Via Christi Health. “Everything we do will put the patient at the center.

“Our physicians and other clinicians — those who know best how to make sure we are meeting the needs of our patients first — will take on new leadership roles throughout Via Christi as we work to provide team-based care that draws on the expertise of all our caregivers,” he says.

Via Christi began its strategic planning process in January and developed a new vision statement with six goals to guide the health care organization’s work in the future.

“The process has been open, transparent and inclusive,” Korsmo says. “We have held more than 100 hours of planning meetings with more than 200 leaders from within Via Christi and our physician partners in the community, with input from business and government leaders, our frontline employees and our patients.

“Our top goal, our most important work as a result of Vision 2020,” Korsmo says, “will be to improve the quality of care that we provide and develop innovative new models of care that improve the health of all the communities we serve, including the most vulnerable among us.”

New Via Christi Vision statement
As an innovative, integrated health care team, we build healthier communities and deliver the ideal experience in the way of Christ.

We place the needs of those we serve at the heart of all we do.

We are led by clinicians who are willing, prepared and engaged in partnering with all colleagues in achieving patient-centered, team-based care.

Clinical integration
We coordinate, integrate and innovate care delivery to create a seamless experience.

Offering the best quality and best value in health care
We achieve improved quality, care experience, population health and cost outcomes by providing the right care at the right time in the right setting.

Becoming the best place to practice and to work
We respect and trust one another, share a passion and commitment for doing meaningful work, and demonstrate a genuine interest in each person’s well-being.

Building healthier communities
We are a model and catalyst for building healthier communities.

Via Christi’s new Vision 2020 strategic plan was developed after a review of the environmental forces of change affecting health care in the United States.

Cost of health care
It keeps rising, but those who pay for it — the government, insurance companies, businesses providing insurance to their employees and individuals — can no longer afford it. Simply put, the cost of health care is unsustainable.
Aging population
Every day, 10,000 baby boomers become eligible for the federal government’s Medicare insurance program for the elderly. As we age,
our need for services grows. So, demand for health care services is growing exponentially.
Quality improvements
Even though the United States spends the most money per person on health care among all of the developed nations of the world, U.S. residents don’t live any longer and don’t experience better outcomes as a result.
As a health care system, we must find a way to meet increased demand with better quality care at a reduced cost.


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