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Here to stay
Harold and Geraldine Tindal enjoy freedom and convenience with Via Christi Care At Home

It is a hot, sweltering summer day in Kansas, but inside Harold and Geraldine Tindals’ east Wichita home it is cool and tranquil. The Tindals have lived in the same home for more than 30 years, and they have no intention of going elsewhere.

“I am not going to a nursing home,” Harold says emphatically.

“Yes, that is one thing Mr. Tindal made clear from the beginning,” says Sam Allred, executive director of Via Christi Care At Home, chuckling.

The Tindals are not alone in their desire to continue living in their own home. Multiple studies support Americans’ increasing dedication to aging in place. This desire is what led the Tindals to look into Via Christi Care At Home, a program designed to surround individuals with care coordination and services as they age, helping them remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

The Tindals are still a fairly active couple. Geraldine belongs to a bridge club. Harold still goes out for coffee in the morning. And the well-maintained flower garden at their home provides proof that their thumbs are still green. But they will admit that there are things they cannot do as easily as in the past.

Care At Home is designed to meet each individual’s needs. Often times when people enter the program, their needs are not great. But, as time goes by and their needs increase, the care provided does, too.

“We have an aide come out every two weeks right now. She has been a great help,” says Geraldine.

Their aide gets sheets on the bed, does some of the heavier cleaning and gets to some of the hard-to-reach areas. While this is all the help the Tindals need for now, they take comfort in knowing that as their needs change, they have a program in place to support them.

All Care At Home members have their own Personal Care Coordinator who is always available to answer questions and connect them to appropriate services. In addition to cleaning assistance, which the Tindals have now, other available services include transportation, meal preparation, bathing, medication management and in-home technology services.

There are nine levels of Care At Home plans, allowing members to choose a plan that is affordable and offers the options they desire. Members have the flexibility to choose the amount of coverage they want and compare plans based on cost.

The Coordination Plan simply gives members access to a Personal Care Coordinator. The Partner and Comprehensive Plans give members the option of additional benefits. The Partner Plans help cover the cost of in-home services when needs arise. The Comprehensive Plan additionally helps cover the cost of a long-term care home if it ever becomes necessary.

For now, the Tindals will take advantage of having a little extra help around the house. Their hope is that they do not need to access additional services for quite some time. But, if they do, Geraldine says, “I like knowing that we have a plan in place.”

Levels of Care

Independent - communities for senior living.

Assisted - support for activites of daily living.

Intermediate Nursing - 24 hours of nursing care per day.

Skilled Nursing - 24 hours of nursing care per day that is Medicare certified.  

Memory Care - specialized care for dementia and Alzheimers patients.

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