Via Christi Health Nursing Awards

Michele Hemberger, RN, BSN
St. Catherine of Siena Core Values
Stewardship Award

Michele HembergerAs a clinical care coordinator for 5 West at Via Christi Hospital on Harry, Michele Hemberger, RN, BSN, worked diligently on the Core Value of Stewardship.

“Michele had 5 West exceeding the financial goals for this fiscal year,” wrote nominator Lori Diane Campbell, director of nursing for CCU/IMC/5W. In fact, during one month alone, the unit came in 40 percent under budget.

Using a quality standard methodology called 5S, Hemberger analyzed supply usage to reduce waste, Campbell said. For example, to help ensure a patient got only needed personal care items — rather than just issuing all items — Hemberger and her team used a reusable, laminated checklist for each patient.

Hemberger also coached staff on time management and helped ensure staff support one another in an effort called “no one left behind,” Campbell said. Staff readily cover for one another during lunch or other breaks, and wait for one another after clocking out to leave the unit together.


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