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A SPECT Scan (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) is a three dimensional imaging technique used in conjunction with a number of Nuclear Medicine studies.

To acquire a SPECT Scan, a radioisotope is administered intravenously. Images are then created through the use of a gamma camera. The radioisotope that is administered gives off gamma rays that are detected by the gamma camera to form a functional image of soft tissues or bone.

A SPECT Scan has less radiation exposure than a chest x-ray. A SPECT Scan is one of many types of Nuclear Medicine imaging techniques that may be used for the acquisition of images for interpretation by our board certified radiologists.

Ask your physician about specific preparations for this test prior to scheduling. If you have further questions, call the Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg Diagnostic Imaging Department at 620.232.0129.



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