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Create a sleep-friendly environment.

Be sure the sleep environment is quiet, dark and comfortable, making it conducive to sleep. The room should be at a comfortable, cool temperature.
Use dark shades, curtains or drapes to block out any light that may interfere with your sleep. This tip is especially applicable for shift workers who must sleep during the day. Eye shades or masks can also work to block out light.
The room should be quiet. Although many people like to fall asleep with the radio or TV on, it's most effective if they are turned off prior to falling asleep. Many TVs and radios now have sleep controls, which will automatically turn the appliance off at a preset interval. Utilizing this feature is better that leaving the unit on while sleeping.
If you sleep in a noisy environment, it may be beneficial to use a white noise machine. 


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Schedule a Sleep Study in two easy steps:

1. Talk to your physician about your concerns with your sleep.

2. Ask your physician's office to call Via Christi OneCall at 316-719-3030 to schedule a sleep study and free pre-assessment with our trained sleep staff.


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