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                 Abdul Bengali
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                 Sherry Hausmann, MBA
                 Sister Sherri Marie Kuhn, MAT
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            Stephen Nesbit, DO
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                 Andrew Porter, DO
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                      CPAP Troubleshooting Center
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       Kansas Hospitals
            Behavioral Health Center
                 Inpatient Services
                 Intensive Outpatient Program
                 Partial Day Hospital Program
                 Shepherd's Gate Cafe
            Mercy Regional Health Center
                 Community Health Needs Assessment
                      Community Education
                           Becoming a Certified Childbirth Educator
                           Infant Massage
                           Newborn Basics/HUG Your Baby
                           Speakers Bureau
                           Speech for Parkinson's
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                      Common Patient Terms
                      Joplin Tornado Stories
                           Emergency Room
                           Heading to Joplin
                      New Surgery Center
                 Online Nursery
                 Patients and Visitors
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                      Online Nursery
                      Patient Billing
                      Patient Services
                           Food Services
                           Notice of Privacy Practices
                           Patient Accommodations
                           Patient Discharge
                           Patient Support Services
                      Rights & Responsibilities
                      Special Services
                      Visitor Services
                           Local Lodging
                      Behavioral Health
                           Behavioral Health Providers
                           Diagnostic Services
                           Screening and Support
                      Diagnostic Services
                                Mobile Mammography
                           Nuclear Medicine
                                SPECT Scan
                           Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
                      Emergency Room
                      Heart Center
                           Cardiac Diagnostic Testing
                           Cardiovascular Catheterization Lab
                      Home Health Care
                      Home Medical Equipment
                      Intensive/Critical Care Unit
                      Laboratory Services
                      Occupational Health
                           Physical Capacity Test
                      Outpatient Surgery
                      Palliative Care
                      Pathology Services
                      Pediatric Care
                           Acute Rehabilitation Unit
                           Occupational Therapy
                           Physical Therapy
                           Speech Therapy
                           Wound Care
                      Respiratory Therapy
                      Sleep Lab
                      Sports Medicine
                      Wellness Center
                      Women's Services
            Rehabilitation Hospital
                 Easy Street
                 For Physicians
                      Patient Referral Form
                 Hospital Rehabilitation
                 Patient Services
                      Community Resources
                      Inpatient Services
                           Brain Injuries
                           Limb Loss
                           Orthopedic Injuries
                           Other Conditions
                           Spinal Cord Injuries
                           Stroke Services
                      Online Resources
                           Accreditation Agencies
                           Brain Injury
                           Care Giver Support
                           Spinal Cord Injury
                      Outpatient Services
                           Aquatic Therapy
                                Helpful Websites
                                Services for Adults
                                     Hearing aid evaluation
                                     Hearing self-test
                                     How hearing aids work
                                     Other assistive devices
                                     Questions to ask
                                Services for Children
                                     Hearing Tests
                                     Middle Ear Problems
                                     Select Hearing Aids
                                     When to Test
                           Dizziness and Balance Therapy
                           Lymphedema Therapy
                 Patients and Visitors
                      Admission Criteria
                      Care Team
                      Notice of Privacy Practices
                      Patient and Family Services
                      Patient Care & Safety
                      Patient Greeting Card
                      Support Groups
                           Amputee Support Group
                           Brain Injury Support Group
                           Stroke Support Group
                                Newsletter Sign-Up
                           Summer Splash
                 Rehab Hospital Directory
                 Therapy Centers
                 Wichita Sleep Services
                           Common Sleep Disorders
                           How much is Enough?
                           Sleep Problems?
                           The only one?
                           Too Little Sleep?
                      General Information
                           Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment
                                Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
                                Home Remedies
                                Oral Appliances
                           Sleep Apnea Hypertension/Cardiac Disease
                                Linking Hypertension to Sleep Apnea
                                Sleep Apnea & Blood Pressure
                                Sleep Apnea/Hypertension
                           Sleep Apnea Types
                                Central Sleep Apnea
                                Mixed Sleep Apnea
                                Obstructive Sleep Apnea
                           Sleep Tips
                                Bathe Before Bed
                                Establish a Ritual
                                No Evening Alcohol
                                No Naps
                                Reduce Caffeine/Nicotine
                                Regular Bedtime
                                Sleep-Friendly Environment
                                Utilize Bedroom Efficiently
                           Sleepy Americans
                                Daytime Functioning
                                Sleep Needed?
                                Sleep Well?
                      Resources & Forms
                           Multi sleep latency test
                           Split-night polysomnogram
            St. Francis
                 3D Surgical Imaging
                 Emergency and Trauma
                      Trauma Intermediate Care Unit
                 Hospital Directory
                 Outpatient Pharmacy
                 Outpatient Pharmacy for Employees
                      Davis Child Life Center
                      Pediatric Intensive Care
                      Pediatric Procedure Room
                      Pediatric Sedation Room
                      Pediatric Therapy
                 Respiratory Care
            St. Joseph
                 Forensic Nursing
                 Hospital Directory
                 NewLife Center
                      Care Team
                      Neonatal Intensive Care
                 Silence Helps Healing
            St. Teresa
                 About St. Teresa
                      High tech meets high touch
                 Emergency Room
                      ER Experience and Convenience
                 Patient Stories
                      Genevieve Roehrman's hospital stay
                      Myrna Heath's ER Story
                 Phone Directory
            Wamego Health Center
                 Cancer and Caregivers Group
                 Community Health Needs Assessment
                 Contact Us
                 Financial Assistance
                 HealthLink Newsletter
                 Hospital Directory
                      Emergency Department
                      Heritage Program for Senior Adults
                      Human Resources
                      Mammography Scheduling
                      Materials Management
                      Medical Records/Health Information Management
                      Nurse's Station
                      Nursing Administration
                      Outpatient Clinic Scheduling
                      Patient Accounts
                      Physical/Occupational Therapy
                      Pottawatomie County EMS
                      Risk Management
                      Speech Therapy
                      Swing Bed/Social Services
                      Wamego Family Health Care
                      Wamego Hospital Foundation
                 Patient Rights and Responsibilities
                 Privacy Policy
                 Volunteer/VolunTeen Services
                 WHC in the News
       Maps and Locations
            Manhattan Map
            Pittsburg Map
            Wichita Maps
       Services By Location
            Services in northeast Kansas
            Services in southeast Kansas
            Services in western Kansas
            Wichita and surrounding communities
       Specialty Centers
            Burn Center
                 Burn Prevention
            Cancer Care
                 Breast Cancer
                      Breast Cancer Diagnosis
                      Breast Cancer Treatment
                      Why Via Christi?
                 Cancer Center Locations
                 Cancer Institute
                 Cancer Treatment
                      Cancer Resource Center
                      Clinical Trials and Research
                           Cancer Registry
                           FAQ about Clinical Trials
                           WCCOP Recognized for Trials
                      Inpatient Services
                           Blood & Marrow Transplant
                           da Vinci Robotic Surgery
                                Frequently asked questions
                                Newest da Vinci Robots
                                Robotics History
                           FACT Accreditation
                      Outpatient Services
                           Endoscopic Ultrasound
                      Physician Leadership
                      Support/Community Services
                 Colon Cancer
                      Colon Cancer Treatment
                 Head & Neck Cancer
                      Head & Neck Cancer Diagnosis
                      Head & Neck Cancer Prevention
                      Head & Neck Cancer Treatment
                 Lung Cancer
                      Lung Cancer Treatment
                 Prostate Cancer
                      Prostate Cancer Treatment
                 Skin Cancer
                      Skin Cancer Treatment
            Cystic Fibrosis
                 About our staff
                 Cystic Fibrosis newsletter
                 Diagnosing Diabetes and Pre-diabetes
                 Facts About Diabetes
                 Long-Term Risks of Diabetes
                 Overview: What is diabetes?
                 Prevention and Wellness
                 Resources and Support
                 Symptoms of High Blood Glucose
                 Treating Diabetes
                 Types of Diabetes
                 What is an A1C?
            Epilepsy Care
                 Epilepsy Care Locations
                 Epilepsy Research and Resources
                 Epilepsy Treatment
                 First Aid for Seizures
                 Types of Seizures
                 Via Christi Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
            Heart Care
                 Cardiac Rehabilitation
                      Cardiac Rehabilitation Recertified
                 Chest Pain Center
                      Chest Pain Center reaccredited
                 Diagnostics/EP Studies
                 Heart Attack Risk Calculator
                 Heart Attack Signs and Symptoms
                 Heart Failure FAQs
                 Heart Failure Management
                      Heart Failure Program Certification
                 Heart Valve Clinic
                 Heart Valve Disease
                 Hybrid Operating Room
                 TAVR procedure
                      Contact us about TAVR
                 Neurocritical Care
            Occupational Health
                 Back to Action
                 PRISM Services
                      Urine Drug Screen (UDS)
                 Hip Replacement
                 Joint Class
                 Joint Replacement Expectations
                 Knee Replacement
                      Blue Distinction Center
                 Orthopaedic Research Institute
                      Achievements and Highlights
                      Current Projects
                      Total Joint Conference
            Pediatric Gastroenterology
            Pediatric Neurology
            Pulmonary Rehabilitation
            Radiology and Imaging
            Robotic Surgery
            Sports Medicine
                 Sports and Camp Physicals
                 Sports Medicine Athletic Trainers
                 Signs of Stroke
                 Stroke FAQs
                 Stroke Support Group
            Weight Management
                 HMR Program
                 Surgical Weight Loss
            Wound Care
 Patients and Visitors
            Patient Registration
            Pre-Registration and Scheduling
                 Patient Pre-Registration Form
            Staying Connected
                 Patient Greeting Card
            Your Care Team
                 Meet Our Hospitalists
                 Patient Navigators
       Billing and Finance
            Financial Assistance
                 Request For Information
            Insurance Plans
            Pay My Bill
       Gifts and Greetings
            Baby Boutique
            Patient Greeting Card
       Health Resources
            Calendar of Events
            Cancer Resources
                 Breast Self Exam
                 Spot Skin Cancer
            Childbirth, Newborns
                 Boot Camp for New Dads
                 Childbirth Education Registration
                 Happiest Baby on the Block
                 Kohl’s Safety Town
            Choosing Cold Medicine
            Diet and Nutrition
                 Healthy Burger Recipes
                      Jackson Family Shapedown
            Gallbladder Surgery
            Men's Health
            Parent Information
                 College Check List
                 Flu vaccination
                 Importance of sports physicals
                 Meningitis Vaccinations
                 Respiratory Syncitial Virus
                 Safe summer fun
                 School Checklist
                 Sinusitis or Allergy
                 Sports physicals
                 Summer pests and harmful plants
                 Toy Safety
            Psychiatric Problems
                 Eye safety
                 Grilling Safety
                 Hydration Tips
                 Lawn Mower Safety
                 Poison Prevention
                 Safe Kids
                      Bicycle safety tips
                      Fire Safety Checklist
                      Fireworks Safety
                      Protect Against Hot Cars
                      Rules of the Road
                      Water Safety Tips
                 Salmonella Safety
                 Signs of Heat Illness
                 Space Heater Safety
                 Sunscreen Safety
                 Tornado Safety
                 Visit-Proofing Your Home
                 Walk Safely on Ice
                 Weather Emergency
                      Prepare a disaster kit
                 Winter Driving
            What eye exams can reveal
            Women's Health
                 Heart Health
                 Posture Tips
                 Sleep Disorders
       Online Nurseries
       Patient Information
            Advance Directives
            Affordable Care Act
            Medical records
            Organ Donation
            Patient privacy
                 Via Christi Health Privacy
                      Website Disclaimer
            Wichita Rights and Responsibilities
       Patient Stories
                 Rachel and Esther Postier
                 Stan Clemence
            Bipolar Mood Disorder
            Burn Survivors
                 Charlie Drussel
                 Laura Thomas
                 A Sister's Love
                 Breast Cancer
                      Angie Long
                      Carmen Gard
                      Carol and Mandi
                      Gail Bauer
                      Kelly Edwards
                      Kelly Stenzhorn
                      Misty Frank
                      Nancy Scarpelli
                      Race for the Cure
                      Stephanie Rader
                 Cancer Survivor Returns
                 Gifts in Loving Memory
                 Marrow Harvesting Easier
                 National cancer trials come home
                 Prostate Cancer Survivor
                 Ruth Schmidt
                 WCCOP First in Study
                 Winfield Patients Bond
            Cardiac and Stroke
                 Aneurysm Survivor
                 Bill Ramsey
                 Claudia Blackburn
                 Cristine Howard
                 Fern Watson
                 Jene Hanes
                 Megan Webber Koenigs
                 Mike Tinich
                 Shareena Turley
                 Wanda Headrick
            Crohn's Disease
            Cystic Fibrosis
                 Hopalong Hadley
            Ear, Nose and Throat
            Emergency Room Patient Stories
                 Emergency Room
                 Fastest ER in west Wichita
            Epilepsy Care
            Grateful Patient Form
            Hypothermia Therapy
            Joint Replacement
            Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT)
            Palliative Care
                 Occupational Therapy
                 Patrick Bruce
                 Pulmonary Rehabilitation
            Robotic Surgery
                 Art and Amy Simmons
                 Bill Molash
                 Erwin 'Corky' Flentie
                 Paul Wegner
            Sandwich Generation
            Senior Care
                 Deborah Ziegler
                 Hazel Thomas
                 Jane's story
                 Mary Withers
                 Polly Snow
                 Rachel Jones
                 Silvia Yeakley
                 Sister Pam Young
                 Tindals Care at Home
            Sleep Services
            Transplant Institute
            Weight Loss
                 Bariatric Surgery
                 Dana Rose
                 Firefighter loses weight
                 Gary Stone: Raring to go after bariatric surgery
                 Gastric Bypass Surgery
                 HMR Meal Program
                 Tammy Metzger Stone: Bariatric Surgery
                      Brent Lancaster, MD
                      Dena Marten
                      Helen Ramsey
                 Twins lose together
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 Senior Care | Kansas and Oklahoma
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                           Partner Plans
                      What Families are Saying!
            Via Christi HOPE
                 Adult Day Health Center
                 Care in the community
                 Comparison of Services
                 For KanCare Beneficiaries
                 Frequently Asked Questions
                 Medical Care
                 Broadmoor Assisted Living
            Catholic Care Center
                 Catholic Care Center Assisted Living
                 Catholic Care Center Memory Care
                      Memory Care Recertified
                 Catholic Care Center Nursing Care
                 Catholic Care Center Retirement
                      Catholic Care Center Donation
                           Catholic Care Center Donation
                      Catholic Care Center Gift Shop
                      Floor Plans
                 Georgetown Assisted Living
                 Georgetown Retirement Living
            Hays KS
                 Hays Assisted Living
                 Hays Nursing Care
            Manhattan KS
                 Manhattan Assisted Living
                 Manhattan Nursing Care
                 Manhattan Retirement Living
                 Sister Dominic Haug
                 McLean Assisted Living
                 McLean Nursing Care
                 McLean Retirement Living
            Pittsburg KS
                 Pittsburg Assisted Living
                 Pittsburg Nursing Care
            Ponca City OK
                 Ponca City Assisted Living
                 Ponca City Memory Care
                 Ponca City Nursing Care
                 Ponca City Retirement Living
                 Home Without Hassles
                 Ridge Assisted Living
                 Ridge Nursing Care
            Sheridan Village
       Contact Via Christi Villages
       Memory Care
       Nursing Care
       Retirement Living
       Senior Care Decisions
            Gift ideas for older relatives
            Help for aging parents
            Long-term care
            Making the right choice
            Signs to look for
            Visiting someone with dementia
       Senior Diaries
            Alexia Ebert
            Alfred (Fritz) Rohr
            Allene Crain
            Alma Barth
            Alma Sloan
            Almeda Hoffman
            Art and Gloria Thomas
            Bernice Owens
            Bertha Milbank
            Bettye Haggard
            Beulah Dungan
            Bob, Alice Brown
            Carl Crumpton
            Caterina Miller
            Catherine Gibson
            Charlie Mae Comage
            Charlotte Carter
            Clarence and Phyllis Woods
            Clarence Goeldner
            Clifford Arthur
            David Bevan
            Doc Wright
            Doris Schultes
            Dorothy Block
            Ed Froelich
            Edith Carr
            Eileen Keller
            Elaine Olson
            Elizabeth 'Janie' Martin
            Ena Burke
            Erick Schulze
            Father Carl Kramer
            Gerald Cauldwell
            Gerald Finch
            Glen Maughmer
            Harold Press
            Inez Oehme
            Irene Dinkel
            James Butler
            Jett Earl
            Jim and Kay Perry
            Joan Watkins
            John Gross
            Josie Robben
            Juanita Fern Aikman
            Larry Martin
            Lela Holden
            Leo Gilmore
            Lu Hardy
            Margaret Buerge
            Margery Miller
            Marian Holiwell
            Mary Ann Rauniker
            Mary Davis
            Mary Joerg
            Myrna Filion
            Norah Ahrens
            Pat Stone
            Patricia Ardissone
            Penny Parris
            Perry Kippes
            Rachel Witt
            Reginah Smith
            Roger and Evelyn Kato
            Ross Pauli
            Sandra Snoke
            Shirley Ward
            Theresa Neises
            Tom Carlin
            Vee Gordon
            Vera Dalrymple
            Vera Heidebrecht
            Virginia McAdam
            Virginia True
            Wayne and Rachel Jones
            Wayne McIntosh
            World War II Honor Flight
            Wulf Doerry
       Via Christi 50+
            50+ Lunch and Learn
            An added touch
            Blood Screening
            Via Christi 50+ membership form
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