Quiet Hospitals Promote Faster Healing

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Silence Helps Healing

Did you know that hospital noise is one of the top patient and visitor complaints nationwide? Quiet hospital environments help healing and promote patient and visitor satisfaction.

That’s not surprising given the growing body of research suggesting noise can:

  • Slow the healing process
  • Increase stress and anxiety levels in patients, visitors and staff
  • Cause patients to lose up to two hours of sleep each night
  • Increase heart rates, blood pressure, respiratory rates and cortisol levels

An interdisciplinary Patient Satisfaction Committee has been working with Facilities on a variety of initiatives designed to bring down the noise and bring up patient and visitor satisfaction.

For example:

  • Noisy wheels have been replaced on all the housekeeping carts, rolling trash containers and crash carts
  • Vacuum cleaners have been replaced with quieter models
  • Large floor cleaners are no longer being used in the ICUs. Instead, those areas are being cleaned with a mop and bucket, and a small and much quieter floor scrubber
  • Cleaning schedules have been adjusted to reduce the amount of evening noise — when many patients are trying to go to sleep.


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