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Many of the residents at our Via Christi Villages have interesting stories to tell about their lives. Read about their experiences in our Senior Diaries.

  • Norah Ahrens received greetings from Pope Benedict XVI on her 100th birthday.
  • Juanita Fern Aikman, born in Midway, MO, enjoys playing piano and being a resident of Via Christi Village in Pittsburg.
  • Clifford Arthur, born in Richie, MO grew up and attended school in Pittsburg, KS.
  • Alma Barth, resident of Via Christi Village in Manhattan, was one year old when her father died.
  • David Bevan celebrated his 95th birthday on June 8.
  • Dorothy Block still hears from her former students 69 years after retiring as a teacher.
  • Bob and Alice Brown passed the 50-year marriage mark and are still going strong.
  • Margaret Buerge grew up poor during the depression, but that did not stop her from creating beautiful things by painting and flower arranging. 
  • Ena Burke is our cheerful, 104-year old resident at the Via Christi Village on McLean in Wichita, KS. 
  • James Butler served in three wars before retiring to Kansas and getting his college degree in Social Theology.
  • Tom Carlin was lucky that he knew shorthand and that his boat was hit by a torpedo.
  • Charlotte Carter, homemaker extraordinaire, enjoys her home at Via Christi Village in Pittsburg, KS.
  • Goldie Carter reaches the 100 year milestone and is still active playing Wii bowling.
  • Edith Carr celebrates her 100th birthday in Pittsburg KS.
  • Gerald Caldwell is a World War II veteran who was selected to take the recent Honor Flight to the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC.
  • Charlie Mae Comage, a hard worker all her life, enjoys serving others.
  • Carl "Bus" Crumpton went from being a WWII pilot to studying geology in the Kansas plains.
  • Vera Dalrymple, a farmer most of her life and former caregiver to children at Parsons State Hospital, enjoys living at Via Christi Village in Pittsburg, KS.
  • Mary Davis was a teacher for 22 years as well as a loving wife and mother.
  • Wulf Doerry served in both the German and American forces before starting his life in the mid-West as a baker and chemist.
  • Beulah Dungan enjoys living at Catholic Care.
  • Jett Earl once raised nationally-recognized championship dogs and lived around the corner from President Harry S. Truman.
  • Alexis Ebert, a native of Blaine, KS, celebrates her 100th birthday
  • Myrna Filion, born in Quezon City, Philippines, worked hard all her life and has a goal to be a part of the workforce again.
  • Gerald Finch started as a Chicago boy and then moved to Kansas where he devoted his life to his family and community.
  • Ed Froelich recieved his Purple Heart medal over 60 late with the help of U.S. Senator Jerry Moran. 
  • John Gross, who once rode a horse to school, became a resident of Via Christi in Pittsburg a few months after turning 100 years old.
  • Catherine Gibson, resident of Via Christi Village in Pittsburg, KS, says her father is her life's inspiration.
  • Leo Gilmore travelled to Europe and across the western U.S. before returning to Pittsburg KS.
  • Bettye Haggard enchants others with her smiling face and pleasant demeanor.
  • Lu Hardy took a special interest in autistic kids and developed innovative learning approaches in the Wichita school district.
  • Vera Heidebrecht hits milestone birthday
  • Lela Holden, for 10 years, ran her hometown's newspaper.
  • Marian Holiwell lists Mother of the Year among her greatest accomplishments.
  • Mary Joerg derives some of her greatest satisfaction from the volunteer service she gave to others.
  • Wayne and Rachel Jones have enjoyed a better quality of life because of Via Christi HOPE.
  • Roger Kato and Evelyn Edwards met after she answered a personal ad describing the man of her dreams.
  • Perry Kippes, resident of St. John's of Victoria, was born on a farm and was the third of 6 children.
  • Carl Kramer, as a young boy, knew he wanted to be a priest.
  • Gladys Lester, born in Canada, KS, celebrated her 100th birthday on Sept. 10, 2011.
  • Elizabeth 'Janie' Martin was 10 years old when she participated in her first beauty contest and was in the "Our Gang" movie.
  • Larry Martin began his 40-year career in education teaching in a one-room country school.
  • Glen Maughmer at the young age of 97 still excercises on the rowing machine three times a week.
  • Virginia McAdam celebrates life each day after beating cancer and moving into the assisted living community at Via Christi Village at Georgetown.
  • Wayne McIntosh, resident of Via Christi Village in Manhattan, flew combat in Europe during WWII and enjoyed a 30-year career in the military.
  • Bertha Milbank dedicated much of her adult life serving many noteworthy community organizations including the Girl Scouts.
  • Caterina Miller was a young Italian girl whose fate lead her to a handsome soldier and a new life in Kansas.
  • Margery Miller met her future husband after transferring to K-State.
  • Inez Oehme loves to cook and sew.
  • Elaine Olson and her late sister, Louise Southerland, were inseperable all their lives.
  • Bernice Owens, resident of Via Christi Village in Manhattan, surrounds herself with memories from home.
  • Penny Parris loves her home at Via Christi Village in Pittsburg, KS
  • Ross Pauli became a decorated war veteran before returning to college to earn his mechanical engineering degree and teaching at Kansas State University.
  • Jim and Kay Perry, who have been married for 58 years, met on a blind date.
  • Harold Press is adored by his grandchildren and great-grandchildren
  • Mary Ann Rauniker, born in Cherokee, KS, is a resident of Via Christi Village in Pittsburg, KS.
  • Josie Robben celebrates her 105th Birthday at St. John's in Victoria, KS
  • Alfred (Fritz) Rohr, resident of St. John's in Victoria, KS, built wooden wagons and horses after his retirement. 
  • Doris Schultes is a retired teacher that clearly remembers the dirt from the days of the Kansas Dirt Bowl
  • Erick Schulze plowed the land, drove the roads and played the accordion to the delight of audiences.
  • Alma Sloan, resident of Via Christi Village on Broadmoor, celebrated her 100th birthday surround by family and friends.
  • Sandra Snoke is a living example of faith in action
  • Pat Stone is the 'Angel Volunteer' at Via Christi Village on Georgetown.
  • Reginah Smith, an active volunteer, has overcome adversity several times during her lifetime
  • Art and Gloria Thomas, residents of the Via Christi Village in Pittsburg, celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary on June 9, 2011. 
  • Virginia True, resident of Via Christi Village in Pittsburg, worked at McNally's for 27 years and was an active community volunteer.
  • Joan Watkins celebrated her 100th birthday in Pittsburg, KS
  • Rachel Witt grew up on a cotton farm in northern Louisiana during the Great Depression
  • Doc Wright is most likely Ponca City, OK most avid sports fan.

Bob and Alice Brown still play pranks on one another after 50-years of marriage

Ena Burke is one of 26 centenarians at Via Christi Villages

Ross Pauli is a decorated war veteran that spends his free time enjoying outings and praise and hymn 


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