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Via Christi PACS may be securely accessed by authorized users from a remote site via the Internet. Obtaining access requires a signon, an Internet service provider and hardware which meets a few minimum requirements. Please note that PACS remote access through Mirror Image is not currently supported.

If you do not have a sign-on, register for an account


Hardware minimum requirements

  • Windows 98 second edition, Windows NT service pack 6a, Windows 2000 Pro or Windows XP
  • 128mb RAM
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 service pack 2 or Internet Explorer 6
  • Active Desktop (standard with most operating systems originally optional on Windows 98 and NT. If not present, Active Desktop is an optional install with Internet Explorer)
  • Broadband internet connection, cable or DSL

If you have met the minimum hardware requirements and have your PACS signon, you are ready for the next step!

  • The user must have proper rights to install software on the PC. This might be an issue at a multi-user site such as an office.
  • Display Properties Settings must be set for at least 24 bit color
  • Right click on the Desktop and select Properties.
  • Click on the Settings tab and change the Color Palette settings to 24-bit color (TrueColor or 16Million colors) or higher.
  • Also, it is recommended to have display resolution of 1024 x 768.
  • The PC should be set to "Open each folder in the same window".
  • This setting can be found in Windows Explorer under View>Folder Options> General.
  • Select "Custom, based on settings you choose" and click on Settings.
  • Internet Explorer Internet Options settings are very important to this and other browser based applications. A browser configuration document for remote access is attached that addresses a list of settings required for the best performance of Synapse.
  • Note: With NT, 2000 or XP, these settings should be made in All User or Default User if there are multiple users accessing the PC.

When these settings have been made, you are ready to install!


  • To facilitate the most effective implementation, new Synapse users should receive training to coincide with the installation. Call Ron Griffin at 268-5368 to schedule.
  • Connect to the Internet and type in the web address
  • (note the S on https://).
  • Click on the large Synapse Workstation Code Download button. A prompt will appear for the user's Via Christi NT user name and password during this process.

  • Accept all security alerts asking for certificates and controls being downloaded.
  • Wait for Installation Complete to appear inside the frame near the upper left corner.
  • Close the window and return to the desktop.
  • Hit F5 to refresh the desktop and the Synapse icon will appear.
  • Right click on the Synapse icon and select Properties. A login box will appear. Login with your NT signon. Confirm that the address in the Properties box is the same as above ( Also, check Use secure encrypted communication (https).

Click here to go to PACS Download now!

Via Christi wants to provide the best possible on-going support during and after the installation.

Please notify Ron Griffin, PACS Manager, at 316-268-5368 or when the installation is complete or for questions concerning the installation.



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