Admission criteria for Via Christi Rehabilitaion Hospital

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Admission Criteria:

  • Require 24-hour medical services by registered nurses and daily supervision by a rehab physician and an interdisciplinary approach to therapy.
  • Have a condition or disability in one of the following medical categories: stroke, spinal cord injury, congenital deformity, amputation, major medical trauma, fracture of femur, brain injury, polyarthritis, neurological disorder, burns, or other appropriate diagnoses, all of which require intensive therapy services.
  • Have the cognitive and physical ability, as well as the desire to actively participate in a minimum of three hours of therapies, five days a week and require at least 2 therapeutic disciplines. (PT, OT, ST)
  • Have the reasonable expectation to improve in functional independence by meeting therapeutic goals.
  • Should be medically stable and free of communicable disease
  • Should be at least 2 years old.
  • Our representative will be happy to discuss any of this information, including possible length of stay, with you or your family. Call 316-634-3400.

In addition, we require that patients have a family member/caregiver available to participate in education for post discharge needs and a reasonable discharge plan following rehabilitation.

Should you not qualify for inpatient rehabilitation under these guidelines, we will be happy to provide you with other options for care which may include skilled nursing, intermediate care, outpatient therapy, home health or other community-based services.


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