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Your Care Team

Via Christi Rehabilitation Hospital's interdisciplinary teams of specially trained professionals offer expertise in treating a variety of conditions – while treating the whole person, and work together to develop and provide an individualized therapy program.

The team commonly includes, but is not limited to:

Admissions - This office received the referral that led to your admission here. They completed your initial clinical evaluation, offered a tour and worked with your past caregivers. This department also worked out matters with the insurance company or case manager to see that all of the medical records and financial information was made available to us so that a smooth transition could be made.

Nurses - In addition to traditional nursing care, rehabilitation nurses work with other team members to help you meet goals. They work to help you achieve independence, encouraging you to do things for yourself rather than doing those things for you. When needed, they work on bowel and bladder control and skin care, and they offer support throughout your stay. Nurses continually assess medical needs and provide care to promote general wellness.

Physician - Your rehab doctor is a physiatrist, a medical doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He or she oversees your medical care and is responsible for coordinating the services provided by the consulting medical staff.

Rehabilitation psychologist - Psychologists are available to provide assistance to you and your family. The psychologist offers a variety of services to help you and your loved ones adjust and adapt to the changes that result from illness and injury. Among the services offered by the psychologist are counseling with patients and families, evaluation of mood, cognitive testing, support groups and educational programs.

Case managers - You will have a case manager to help coordinate your treatment and discharge plans. Any questions about your program should be directed to this person. The case manager serves as your advocate and is responsible for documenting progress and facilitating communication between your caregiver and other team members.

Therapy staff - Specializing in inpatient and outpatient occupational, physical, recreational balance, speech and audiology therapies. They are specially trained to help you reach your rehabilitation goals - and continue your progress after you go home.

Dietitian - Upon admission, a dietary assessment may be completed. Should you require a therapeutic diet, the dietitian will work with the other members of the team to see that your nutritional needs are met. Patient likes and dislikes are important and menu substitutions are available.

Spiritual care - Your spiritual well-being is as important as your physical and emotional well-being. Your own minister, priest, rabbi, or church members are welcome and encouraged to visit you. We also have a chaplin on staff. You can leave a message for our chaplin at 316-634-3427 or ask your nurse to contact the chaplin.

Leadership team

  • Cindy LaFleur, President Post Acute
  • Becky Irving, Director of Rehabilitation
  • Phil Murray, Manager of Admissions, Communications

Medical staff 

  • Kevin Rieg, MD
  • Eastside Medical Consultants, LLC
  • Bernie Mermis, PHD


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