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Via Christi Home Medical's Lifeline service is a personal emergency response system that allows seniors and other medically at-risk people to live independently, while giving them access to help 24 hours a day.

How Does Lifeline work? 
Via Christi Home Medical Lifeline works through the patient's home telephone. Subscribers wear lightweight, waterproof buttons, provided by Lifeline, around the neck or wrist. If they become ill, injured or encounter an emergency they press the button. The Lifeline unit then automatically dials the response center which has in-depth information about each subscriber including an identification number, name, address, telephone number, brief health history and list of responders. A responder is a family member, friend, neighbor, clergy or other volunteer who will check on the subscriber at Lifeline's request.

Lifeline response professionals answer each call with "This is Via Christi Home Medical's Lifeline service. Are you needing assistance?" If the person is able to speak, he or she can give the response professional specific instructions by speaking near the Lifeline unit. If subscribers are unable to speak or are out of voice range help is automatically sent. Emergency personnel are dispatched when necessary. At other times the subscriber may only need help from his or her responder.

Lifeline provides subscribers with an appropriate plan of care with one press of a button.

Do I need a special telephone?
Lifeline subscribers do not need to purchase special telephone equipment. The Lifeline system may be connected to a regular telephone line. Lifeline provides all of the necessary equipment conducts monthly test calls and provides unlimited service calls as a part of the subscription fee.

Who does Lifeline serve?
Lifeline service is available to anyone who is at-risk and living independently regardless of age. Via Christi Home Medical Lifeline serves more than 150 subscribers in Pittsburg and the surrounding area. 

How much does Lifeline cost?
Lifeline costs $35 each month for the 6800XL lifeline communicator. Plus a one time data entry fee of $30, unless you live outside of Crawford County Kansas, and there is an additional $35 delivery fee. This service offers subscribers and their loved ones peace of mind at minimal cost.

How do I subscribe?
To subscribe or to receive more information, contact Lifeline staff at Via Christi Home Medical at (620) 235-0327. Inquiries are welcome and free demonstrations are available.

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