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Via Christi Cancer Center
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Physicians at the Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg Cancer Center take a multidisciplinary approach to treating cancer. Each month Tumor Conferences bring together our Cancer Center Physicians, outside physicians and other health professionals to discuss the ways to better treat our patients. Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg Cancer Center Physicians

Cases of various types of malignant disease are presented with an outline of the patient's medical history, physical findings, clinical course, radiographic studies and pathological interpretations. Discussion is held regarding diagnosis, prognosis and the best treatment approach for the patient.

Cancer Center Physicians also participate in valuable research through the Clinical Trials Support Unit (CTSU), a national consortium of institutions and investigators dedicated to improving the care of patients with malignant disease and to increasing their cure rate through clinical research. For the patient, this means having access to leading-edge therapies and experimental drugs once only possible in a handful of research hospitals. Because cancer treatment is a multidisciplinary effort, CTSU focuses its attention on the importance of combining chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, and pathology studies in search of more effective cancer treatments.

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