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Via Christi Hospital is home to the area's first 128-slice CT (Computerized Tomography) machine. The Siemen's SOMATOM Dual Source CT produces an image slice of the heart in just 83 milliseconds without the need for Beta Blockers. It allows physicians a more accurate picture of the heart while offering patients are more comfortable setting.

Computerized Tomography is a process that combines radiation and computer technology to produce images that provide a cross-section image of the body as well as recreate 3D images of body parts.

The CT scanner can be used to identify problems related to a patient's symptoms such as headaches, abdominal pain or diarrhea. This test can assist physicians in the diagnosis of a number of problems including stroke, metabolic disorders and kidney stones.

For those having a CT scan with contrast (dye), the technologist will place an IV in the patient's arm. When the contrast is injected, one may feel flushed and have a metallic taste in the mouth, but these feelings will pass in a few seconds.

The patient will then be asked to lie on a table in front of the machine and hold very still. The table will move very slowly into and out of the machine, which is shaped like a doughnut.

Once the procedure is complete, the technologist will remove the IV. Results will be evaluated by our on-site board certified radiologist and will be provided to the patient's primary care physician.

Ask your physician about specific preparations for this test prior to scheduling. If you have further questions, call Via Christi's Diagnostic Imaging Department at 620.232.0129.

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