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Recovering from an injury or debilitating condition can be very hard work, but Via Christi's Physical Therapy team is ready to help return lives to normal.

Physical therapy is directed at evaluating, treating and preventing physical injury, pain and disability. Physical therapists perform tests and evaluations which provide information about joint motion, strength and endurance of muscles, function ability, appearance and stability of walking, use of braces and artificial limbs, and other activities required in daily living. We actively treat injury through stretching, muscle re-education, conditioning and strengthening, in turn restoring function.

Whether it requires teaming with our athletic trainers or utilization of our dual credentialed physical therapist/athletic trainer, our team is ready to treat sports injury. Our manual therapy trained staff members are great for back pain, and our pediatric trained staff members are wonderful with a child's therapy needs. We have an isokinetic exercise unit unique for testing the strength of arms or legs in an objective manner - a service often requested by orthopedic specialists, especially after surgery.

We understand that every patient and every injury is unique. Physical therapy treatment plans are customized for each patient. Our therapist will tailor rehabilitation according to the patient's specific needs and abilities, as well as directives given by the patient's physician. Physical therapy visits are prescribed by a doctor and authorized by many insurance or managed care plans. Depending on the diagnosis, duration of treatment may vary from a few days to months.

Specialty Areas

  • Back Education - body posture, lifting techniques and Injury Prevention
  • Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation - intensive evaluation that focuses on major physical tolerance/abilities related to musculoskeletal strength, endurance, speed and flexibility especially as they relate to returning to work.
  • Manual Therapy - this hands-on approach to the treatment of injuries include muscular joint and nervous system components and is especially beneficial to injuries of the neck, mid and low back and sciatica
  • Women's Health - specialized therapy for the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, including urinary incontinence and pain syndromes often associated with child bearing, aging, surgery and trauma.
  • Workplace Injury and Prevention
  • Work Hardening - post injury rehabilitation to help employees return to work
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