Pediatric sedation Room at Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis

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The fifth-floor ChildLife Center at Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis is equipped with a pediatric sedation area specifically designed for inpatient and outpatient procedures.

As part of our patient-centered approach to care, we bring staff and services to an area that is familiar to patients and families — eliminating the need to transport patients to multiple locations for procedures requiring sedation.

The unit features a large, well-equipped procedural room and pre- and postoperative room where parents can be with their children immediately before and after their procedures. It was funded in part by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at Via Christi Health.

The area helps reduce the time it takes to do the procedures and creates a better experience for patients and their families in a child-friendly setting.

Informational videos about pediatric sedation at
Via Christi Hospital



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