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Meet our patients...

Our patients can tell you better than anyone about the expert and compassionate care they found at Via Christi Hospitals. Click the links below to read their stories.


As Stan Clemence listened to Via Christi audiologist Susie Ternes give a talk on interacting with people with hearing loss, he- he realized he probably had some hearing loss.


Read inspiring stories about cancer survivors giving back, bonding with each other and advances in medical technology.

Cystic Fibrosis

Michelle Herpolsheimer is an unlikely runner. She routinely runs more than 100 miles a month. A major accomplishment for anyone, it's even more impressive when you consider Michelle is living with the debilitating lung disease, cystic fibrosis.

da Vinci Robotic surgery

Bill Molash, Erwin "Corky" Flentie and Art and Amy Simmons have all had surgery with smaller incisions, less pain and faster recovery, thanks to surgery using the da Vinci surgical robot.

Ear Nose and Throat

Ashley Mulcahy suffered from chronic sinusitus until she got relief from a relatively new same-day procedure called Balloon SinuplastyTM.

Emergency Care

Harold Olmstead enjoys helping out on the family farm. So when a farm accident seriously injured his hand, he chose nearby Via Christi Hospital on St. Teresa for his emergency care.


Via Christi Hospital on Harry was an out-of-network hospital for the birth of David and Joi Lawless' adopted daughter, Lilly Lawess. But it turned out to be just another part of what they consider God's plan for them to become parents.


Thanks to cataract surery Cheryl Webb is seeing much clearer than she has in decades — and she’s enjoying life much more than she was a few years ago.

Senior Care

Silvia Yeakley moved into the Catholic Care Center Memory Care Residence, where she has benefited from their expert programming, services and design, and from the renewed closeness to her daughter and grandchildren.

Weight Loss

Tonya Howard said it best: " Via Christi Weight Management saved my life." Read how weight loss surgery helped her lose nearly 100 pounds and go from taking 11 medications a day to only one. 



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