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Via Christi Hospital Pittsburg's outpatient surgery center saves time and expense for our patients by minimizing interference in home life and employment.

Our outpatient surgery center was part of Via Christi Pittsburg's $16.5 million outpatient services addition. This new outpatient addition is one of the most advanced in the region. 

Outpatient surgery is often referred to as same-day surgery, and with good reason. About one-third of operations that in the past have required an overnight stay in the hospital can now be performed effectively and safely on an outpatient basis...in a day or less!

Those scheduled for outpatient surgery will have a preoperative visit several days before their procedure. This will allow you to ask any last minute questions, complete your lab work or other assesments and help assure that all paperwork is completed prior to the day of your procedure.

On the day of surgery, experienced nurses with special training in preoperative and postoperative care will assist the patient though the procedure and provide care before, during and after the operation.

Patients are able to avoid a disruption of their lifestyle because many of today's surgical procedures require only a few hours away from your regular routine.

Directly or indirectly, depending upon insurance coverage, a patient will share in substantial savings in hospital charges thanks to the shorter stay.

Ask your physician about Via Christi's Outpatient Surgery Center before your next procedure.


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