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Nuclear Medicine at Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg uses radioactive substances, sometimes called radiopharmaceuticals or tracers, to create images of the internal organs. These medicines are either given through the blood stream or by mouth, depending on what organ system is under examination by your physician. Pictures are taken of the tracer moving in your body over time to determine the physiology of a particular organ system. The images produced by nuclear medicine scans are able to show the organ while it is functioning and how well the organ is performing. Tracers have no side effects and only expose patients to low levels of radiation; therefore, the potential for problems is kept to a minimum.

Nuclear Medical Examinations are supervised and evaluated by our physician nuclear medical specialist and results are provided to the patient's physician.

Ask your physician about specific preparations for this test prior to scheduling. If you have further questions, call Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg Diagnostic Imaging Department at 620.232.0129.

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