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Via Christi Hospital receives letters from patients and families, giving kind words of gratitude for the care received. Here is an excerpt from a letter of thanks.

Via Christi Hospital on Harry was an out-of-network hospital for the birth of David and Joi Lawless' adopted daughter. But it turned out to be just another part of what they consider God's plan for them to become parents, Joi Lawless said.

"We had been waiting for Lilly all these years and it was His will that each and every staff member we met at your hospital be part of that plan," wrote Joi Lawless.

Lilly's birth mother went into early labor April 10. "From the beginning, all the doctors, residents and especially the nurses were very helpful and pleasant to work with. My husband and I spent every day and evening at the hospital for three weeks waiting for our daughter to be born so we had plenty of time to meet and get to know many staff members," said Lawless, a Belle Plaine resident. "We were very impressed from the beginning (with) their kindness, sensitivity and professionalism. We felt very well taken care of and welcome during our stay and visits."Lilly Lawless at 9 days old before going home from the NICU.

Several nurses - some named and others Lawless apologized for not remembering their names - from Labor and Delivery and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit earned praise in Lawless' letter. Kat Sisk and Kara Calhoun were cited for their "compassion, kindness and care." Teresa Willis stood out for another reason.

Willis stayed beyond her 10-hour shift to be there for the delivery since the mother had been induced earlier that day. "Lilly came so fast that the doctors didn't even have time to make it into the room and it was Teresa who brought her into the world. Just thinking of it now brings tears to my eyes as I cannot express the gratitude I feel that Teresa was there. I look forward to sharing this story with Lilly when she grows up," Lawless said.
In the NICU, where the six-weeks-premature Lilly spent nine days, "we were once again in awe of the kindness, attentiveness and professionalism," Lawless wrote. Kathy Hannon "was very kind and her expertise and experience were obvious."

In the months since Lilly's birth, she's flourished, reported Lawless. "She's doing so wonderful and growing so much that you'd never know she was premature."

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