Multi-Sleep Latency Test for Sleep Apnea

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Multi Sleep Latency Test

The multi sleep latency test (MSLT) demonstrates how tired or sleepy an individual is during normal waking hours. Primarily used to diagnose narcolepsy, this exam requires you to undergo a simple polysomnogram (PSG) to confirm that there is no other sleep abnormality present, and more importantly to provide documentation that there was good, quality sleep.

What to Expect:

The morning following the PSG, most of the electrodes and sensors are removed with the exception of those on the head and face. During the day, beginning two hours after awakening, you are given the opportunity to take a nap. If you fall asleep within twenty minutes, you are allowed to sleep for an additional fifteen minutes, at which point you must get up. If, however, you do not fall asleep within twenty minutes, you must get up again. This process repeats itself every two hours for five naps.


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