Meal Replacements from Via Christi Weight Management

Meet Mitch Nelson

Starting BMI: 67
Current BMI: 36

Phase 1 weight loss for 12 weeks: 88.3 pounds lost
Phase 2 maintenance for 63 weeks: an additional 122 pounds lost

My last bad memory from my old weight was on the first day of class. After the flight up stairs to get to class, I hid in the bathroom for ten minutes because I couldn't catch my breath.

After the first week, I posted on Facebook, "They told me to expect to lose a pound or two in the first week - instead I lost 17!" I never really had a goal weight in mind, but failure was not an option. I followed all expectations and stayed in the box until the day I exited Phase I, doing nearly every assignment and facing it all head on.

I didn't take the easy route either. I started in September, during my "eating season." I continued through Phase I during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. And the travel! I travel a lot for work and I have clocked well over 50,000 air miles during this program, including eating entrees at soccer matches in England, drinking shakes next to the fountains of Rome, and eating bars on the beaches of Singapore.

The magic of this program was the meal replacements. The HMR shakes are great. There's nothing close to them. The entrees added just the added twist to my daily food that made "staying in the box" not a matter of willpower, but an enjoyable experience. The things I cooked and baked with HMR products always replaced any craving I had.

I won't lie to you and say it was a totally blissful experience. When you lose as much weight as I did you go through a lot of personality and personal changes. But what makes the HMR program better than any "diet" I had been on was the support I had. From my weekly meetings with my health coach and medical staff, and conversations with the front desk staff, I received support. Every week, I sat in a class with people going through the same program. While the true purpose of class was to learn more about a healthier lifestyle, this was a place where a room full of people all facing the same challenges could talk, share and - more than anything - laugh.

It's been a year and a half since that day I hid in the bathroom to catch my breath. I am down 211 lbs. People say I am half the man I used to be, and I usually respond "more like 5/8 the man."

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