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Via Christi Weight Management

Weight loss program in Wichita

Via Christi Weight Management is committed to improving our patients' health by offering safe and structured programs for losing weight. Whether our patients choose the medically directed HMR Program for Weight Management™ or become a candidate for weight loss surgery, we know that successful long term weight management requires a commitment to a healthy lifestyle that continues long after the dieting is over.

Our philosophy is that safe and successful weight management is a matter of learning and practicing, not just willpower, so we teach new skills as participants work toward measurable goals. To provide the best-practice weight management programs, we've drawn upon the expertise of physicians, surgeons, psychologists, clinical dietitians, exercise physiologists, advanced practice and registered nurses, health educators and personal trainers to help our patients manage their weight, improve their overall health and sense of well being.

Weight loss program in Manhattan

Developed to be on the cutting edge of adult obesity treatment, Mercy LIGHT is a physician-supervised weight-management program to help you Lose Inches and Gain Healthier Tomorrows.

At Mercy LIGHT, we evaluate each patient for the specific reasons that make it difficult to lose weight or keep weight off, including metabolism, environment and motivation. Based on your individual medical and psychological characteristics, we create a personalized strategy to help you lose weight and get healthy!