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The Via Christi International Family Medicine Fellowship is a 1-year post-residency training program designed to prepare and equip family physicians to go where others won't, to care for those without, and to give so much more...

The Need
There is an ever-widening gap between the health of people in wealthy nations and that in developing countries. A child born in a wealthy nation will, with rare exception, live into adulthood while a child born in a developing nation has only a 60-65 percent  chance of reaching age 5. Health in most countries of poverty is only declining.

Our Vision

The Via Christi International Family Medicine Fellowship was developed to equip family physicians with a unique knowledge base and clinical skills necessary to effectively serve the poorest and most underserved people of this world. Its vision is to provide real training to mobilize a force of compassionate, competent family physicians who will go and make a real difference in transforming the lives and health of nations.
Do you want real training to make a real difference? Contact Dr. Todd Stephens.

For more information, visit the International Family Medicine Fellowship pages on the Family Medicine Residency web site.

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Or, you can contact the Via Christi Foundation at 316-946-5020.

Medical missionaries provide health care — and hope

A mother living in a remote mountain region brought her sick infant to a medical missionary. As the doctor treated the baby's respiratory infection, he commented on the baby's club feet. His mother believed nothing could be done for his condition and he would grow up crippled and unable to work.

But the doctor told her he could arrange for an orthopedic surgeon to perform a simple procedure to lengthen the baby's heel cords, followed by a few months of casts and corrective shoes.

"Your child will be able to walk, play soccer and one day hold a job, marry and raise a family of his own," the doctor told her.

Her eyes flooded with tears.  She had no idea that her baby could have a bright future.

As a medical missionary, you give something more than health care. You give hope!


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