Intensive Outpatient Program at Via Christi Behavioral Health Center

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For information and referrals,
call 316-858-0218.

Our multidisciplinary staff offers:

  • Age-appropriate care for adolesents aged 11 - 17 and adults 18 years and older
  • Group therapy
  • Wellness education, healthy communication skills, and goal-setting strategies
  • Levels of care between inpatient and traditional outpatient therapy
  • Treatment in less-restrictive environment
  • Symptom-awareness education and early intervention
  • Medication monitoring
  • Minimal disruption of school, work, activity or family schedules
  • Supportive structures to prevent/reduce inpatient days


Acuity Level: Medium: Impairment at home, school, work, socially, due to  illness
Patient Participation: Voluntary
Treatment focus: Medication management, psycho-educational, and therapy groups
Average hours per day/week: 3 hours, 3-5 times per week
Length of treatment: Average 1 to 2 weeks
Private Insurance: Most
Medicare benefits: No
Medicaid benefits: No, Comcare is preferred provider
Private Pay: Yes

Patients may benefit from outpatient programs if they have:

  • A primary psychiatric diagnosis (Axis I) other than substance abuse/dependence
  • Adequate cognitive ability to benefit from educational and therapeutic offerings
  • Evening and weekend support
  • Access to transportation


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