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Hospitalized cancer patients receive care from a team of experts — physicians, nurses, nurse case managers, social workers, dietitians, chaplains and volunteers — who deliver care with compassion and competence.

Cancer patients may be hospitalized at Via Christi Hospital in Wichita for a wide range of services.

Chemotherapy is treatment with drugs-usually a combination of drugs-to destroy cancer cells. It is often used with surgery or radiation when the cancer has spread, when it has come back (recurred), or when there is a strong chance that it could recur. It is given on an outpatient or an inpatient basis intravenously, by injection or by mouth.

Biotherapy, also known as immunotherapy, is treatment that stimulates the body's immune defense system to fight disease and infection. Patients may enter the hospital to receive chemotherapy or biotherapy, often in combination with surgery or radiation therapy.

Advanced surgical suites at Via Christi Hospital are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by expert physicians, nurses and other professionals to ensure that the most complex surgical procedures can be performed at our Cancer Center.

Other services

  • Dedicated cancer unit
  • Four specially equipped rooms at the North St. Francis hospital for blood and marrow cell transplant patients
  • A pediatric unit at the North St. Francis hospital offering a supportive environment for children fighting cancer
  • Family rooms with kitchen and laundry facilities for out-of-town patients and families
  • Models, videos, and samples of mastectomy prosthetics through Women's Images and Network
  • Chemotherapy services, including care of patients with suppressed immune systems, outpatient blood transfusions, bone marrow and stem cell transplants and palliative care to relieve pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness, whatever the diagnosis or prognosis


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