Hybrid operating room at Via Christi Hospital St. Francis Wichita Kansas

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The hybrid operating room at Via Christi Hospital St. Francis brings the latest in cardiac care technology to south-central Kansas.

A hybrid operating room is an operating room that combines the technology of a catheterization lab with an operating room facility, as well as bringing high-quality X-ray and other imaging techniques into the sterile environment of the OR. This allows less-invasive procedures to be performed on patients whose health conditions prevent them from undergoing open surgery.

The new, high-tech hybrid operating room at Via Christi Hospital St. Francis opened in September 2013. Community physicians led the push to bring this technology to Wichita, making Via Christi one of approximately 125 hybrid operating rooms in the United States, said Sherry Hausmann, senior administrator, Wichita hospital operations. The hybrid OR will let surgeons perform some surgeries that aren’t currently available in Wichita.

One of the initial procedures done in the hybrid OR will be a transcatheter aortic valve replacement, or TAVR. Appropriate candidates for this procedure will be identified by the multidisciplinary team at the Via Christi Heart Valve Clinic.

The operating room includes cath lab equipment, anesthesia, special lighting, a video and monitoring system, and a CT scan that provides a 3D image of the heart and its vessels. It will allow fixed imaging formerly found only in radiology and will put it in the sterile environment of the operating room, Hausmann said.

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