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HealthierYou Primary Care Network

On Jan. 1, 2013, Via Christi will launch the HealthierYou Primary Care Network, a new care model aimed at improving health outcomes and lowering costs for Via Christi health plan participants. The HealthierYou Network is a convergence of accountable care and population health development at Via Christi and features Navigation and Medication Management Therapy.

We invite you to participate in the HealthierYou Network and help us care for employees participating in our health plan. If interested, please contact  to schedule a brief meeting about your participation and next steps.  Although the HealthierYou Network launches on Jan. 1, you can join the network anytime during the year.

Who is the patient population served?
Approximately 16,000 Via Christi employees and dependents participate in the Via Christi health plan; the majority of health plan members live in Wichita, Manhattan and Pittsburg.  

Are members assigned to a primary care provider?
Health plan members are encouraged to partner with a physician in the HealthierYou Network to proactively manage their health; however, members are not assigned to a specific physician and an annual assessment is not required.

Who are the providers in the HealthierYou Primary Care Network?
The network is open to Via Christi Preferred Health Systems PPO network physicians specializing in internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics.

 To participate, you should:

  • Use an electronic medical record (EMR) and provide data to enable reporting;
  • Incorporate Via Christi’s Navigation and Medication Therapy Management programs within the practice; and
  • Perform to quality indicators.

Note: Via Christi is exploring solutions for practices without an EMR; the EMR offering will be announced by early 2013.

Here’s a list of current HealthierYou Network providers, to which you are welcome to join any time during the year.   

How does Via Christi’s navigation program work?
Navigation is a virtual extension of your offices to enhance the coordination of care.  Navigation monitors transitions of care and ensures the appropriate medical information is routed to your office; tracks member appointments for scheduled/preventative care; and supports quality improvement measures. The Navigator does not have direct interaction with the patient; rather, the Navigator supports the patient-physician relationship “behind the scenes”.

How does Via Christi’s Medication Therapy Management (MTM) work?
MTM, led by an advanced-clinically trained pharmacist (PharmD), is designed to improve collaboration among pharmacists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals; enhance communication between patients and their healthcare team; and optimize medication therapy for improved patient outcomes. MTM can also help remove barriers to medication compliance and provide further education.

MTM visits may occur in the physician’s office, telephonically, or virtually. All Via Christi health plan members can participate in this program at no cost.

Does the reduced primary care office visit co-pay impact physician compensation?
No.  HealthierYou Network physicians will still receive the full negotiated rate.



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