First Aid for Seizures


Via Christi Epilepsy Center
Via Christi Hospital St. Francis
Wichita, Kansas

Once a seizure has started, it must run its course. It's important to keep the person safe and above all, stay calm. Proper first aid, where needed, can be very helpful.

  • Protect from injury – Clear dangerous objects from area; cushion falls; remove glasses; cushion head;
  • Don't restrain movement – Gently guide from hazards unless sudden danger threatens
  • Never force anything in mouth
  • Help breathing – Loosen tie or collar; turn on side when convulsions have stopped
  • Stay with person – Remain calm and reassuring as consciousness returns
  • Don't encourage premature activity – No liquids, standing or walking until postseizure confusion subsides
  • If injury occurs or if seizure lasts longer than five to 10 minutes, take person to ER or call 911



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