Facts About Diabetes

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Diabetes is common, chronic and controllable


  • Over 25 million people (8.3%) in the U.S. have diabetes.
  • Another 79 million Americans have pre-diabetes.
  • Type 2 diabetes (adult-onset) is now starting to develop in children.
  • One in three people born in the U.S.after the year 2000 will develop diabetes.
  • Our cultural environment is a major factor: fast food, big portions and inactivity.
  • It is now becoming a worldwide epidemic.


  • It is a serious, urgent, lifelong disease requiring changing treatment over time.
  • Continuous research is being performed to prevent and cure the disease.


  • Improved outcomes and quality of life continue to advance with: 
  • New medications that work better and are easier to use.
  • Glucose meters that are faster, smaller and more accurate.
  • Good management depends on you.
  • Diabetes education is the starting point; lifelong encouragement and support tools keep you on track.
  • Your physician and other diabetes team members are always available Prevention and wellness.


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