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Via Christi Epilepsy Center
Via Christi Hospital St. Francis
Wichita, Kansas

For epilepsy research information, call Toni Sadler, PA-C, clinical research coordinator, at 316-268-5932.

As an experienced epilepsy research site, Via Christi Epilepsy Center in Wichita, KS, brings the benefits of current clinical trials and investigational studies to patients in Kansas and northern Oklahoma. Via Christi Research is involved in multicenter national and global studies to research and test new and investigational drugs and devices.

For example, Via Christi holds the second-highest national enrollment in the pivotal trial for the NeuroPace® RNS® System, a responsive neurostimulator designed to detect abnormal electrical activity in the brain and deliver small bursts of electrical stimulation to suppress seizures. In November 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted premarket approval for the RNS System.

Via Christi Research provides epilepsy patients with:

Early access to investigational medications and devicesAccess to the highest levels of care, diagnostic services, equipment and supportMedical oversight by staff specializing in epilepsyPediatric and adult clinical trialsOutpatient clinical trials 12-bed inpatient unit dedicated to clinical research Opportunities to contribute to future improvements in epilepsy care

All research conducted at Via Christi is approved by its institutional review board, an independent committee of varied medical and nonmedical backgrounds. In the face of increasing regulations around human subject research, Via Christi is committed to maintaining the highest standards to protect research participants.

To learn about current epilepsy clinical research opportunities, speak to your primary care physician or neurologist about first being evaluated at Via Christi Epilepsy Center.

Recommended resources

The Epilepsy Foundation of America® website has good information for patients living with epilepsy, including everything from various social groups and forums to the latest news, educational materials and online seminars.



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