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Art and Amy Simmons, Prostate Cancer and Hysterectomy patients

It didn't take much to convince Amy Simmons to allow her doctor to use the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System to perform her hysterectomy — and one of the biggest reasons was that just a few months before, her husband, Art, had undergone a prostatectomy using the intricate surgical tool.

Art and Amy Simmons became perhaps the first husband and wife to undergo surgical procedures at Via Christi Hospital since da Vinci's surgical system became an option for patients.

Bill Molash, Prostate Cancer patient

It's always a shock to learn you have cancer, but it was especially so for Bill Molash. "I felt fine, there were no symptoms," he said. But a routine blood test showed elevated levels of PSA — prostate specific antigen — which indicates possible prostate cancer. Further tests confirmed the diagnosis.

Erwin "Corky" Flentie, Prostate Cancer patient

When Erwin "Corky" Flentie was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he talked with his doctor about his treatment options.

That's how he learned about the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System that surgeons at Via Christi Hospital are now using to perform prostatectomies.

Kim Brotton, Hysterectomy patient

Kim Brotton feels she got the best outcomes possible with her recent hysterectomy at Via Christi Hospital on Harry. Brotton, who had heavy periods since her early teens, had been suffering with extremely heavy bleeding for some time.

Paul Wegner, Colon robotic surgery patient

Haysville resident Paul Wegner came to Via Christi Hospital on Harry for his colon resection surgery using robotic surgery. He we back at home in four days.


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