Via Christi Weight Management helps Dana Rose lose 35 pounds

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Game changer

After losing 35 pounds, mom’s life is a whole new ballgame

Dana Rose, a 50-year-old mother of three and a die-hard Oklahoma Sooners football fan, has more to cheer about these days as she and her husband, Dennis, head for the games.

With the help of Via Christi Weight Management, she’s 35 pounds lighter and finally feeling at the top of her game.

Dana had struggled to keep off the pounds for most of her adult life but finally got serious about weight loss when she had to have a heart catheterization and three stents placed nearly nine years ago.

“It finally sunk in that I had to change my lifestyle or I wasn’t going to be around for my family.”

For the next six years, Dana tried a variety of diets and weight-loss programs without success.

“I would lose the weight at first, but would always gain it right back,” she says.

A winning game plan

Dana finally found the support she needed to lose the weight and keep it off with Via Christi’s HMR® Program for Weight Management™, a medically supervised program featuring weekly classes and individualized plans for building healthy eating habits and increasing levels of physical activity.

“This is not a diet — it’s a lifestyle change,” says Dana of the program that has a proven track record during its 19-year history of helping countless Kansans achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

The HMR program consists of two phases.

Phase I focuses on helping participants lose weight by following a nutrition plan consisting of HMR meal replacement products and fruits and vegetables along with increasing and tracking physical activity.

Phase II, in which Dana continues to be an active participant, helps people maintain their weight loss by refining the skills they developed in Phase I.

“It’s such an easy program to follow,” says Dana, who credits her success to the support she received from the program’s staff and camaraderie with her classmates.
“After a while, you realize that you’re not alone and that you’re all in the same boat.”

Why meal replacements?

On average, participants in meal-replacement weight management programs lose three times more weight than those on other types of programs.

Is medically supervised weight loss for you?

Via Christi’s HMR® Program for Weight Management uses a common-sense, safe approach to help participants in their efforts to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
It includes:

  • A medically directed program with a proven track record of rapid and significant weight loss.
  • Weekly lifestyle education classes.
  • A personal weight-loss coach who, along with fellow participants, provides support and encouragement.
  • Tasty and nutritious low-calorie foods.


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