Cardiac Rehabilitation at Via Christi Health

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To learn more, call Via Christi Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic at 316-261-3270.

Via Christi Hospital offers the help you need to recover from your heart attack, bypass surgery or hospital stay for a cardiac event. Registered nurses at Via Christi Cardiac Rehabilitation work with your physician as a team to help you recover quickly, improve your physical and mental functioning, and reduce your risk of another cardiac event.

Cardiac rehabilitation involves three components: monitored exercise, education about lifestyle and risk factor modification, and support from staff and other individuals with heart disease. In the outpatient cardiac rehabilitation facilities at Via Christi, you will find a supportive environment to help you in your recovery process and improve your overall health and quality of life.

The hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program has met the strict standards established by the American Association of Car­diovascular and Pulmonary Reha­bilitation, earning a three-year national certification in 2008


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