Burn prevention


Call the Burn Center at
316-268-5388 or
call the Via Christi operator at
316-268-7000 and
ask for the Burn Center.

Doctors available 24hrs

In an emergency, call for 911 and keep the person warm and calm until help arrives.

If your clothes catch fire:

Stop where you are. Running feeds oxygen to the fire and can make clothes burn faster
Drop down to the ground with your arms close to your body
Roll over and over, and back and forth on top of the flames to smother them

If someone else is burned:

Remove clothing, diapers, shoes and jewelry around the burned area
Cool the area with cool water, not ice
Cover the burn with a clean, dry cloth or sheet

General considerations for burn injuries

Serious burn injury may not be immediately obvious. See a doctor for burns on the face, hands, feet, major joints or genital area, for chemical and electrical burns, and if the burn occurs in an enclosed area, resulting in smoke inhalation.

All large burns or burns that are white, gray, leathery or painless should be considered serious.

To treat minor burns (smaller than the person's palm), cool the area for several minutes with cool, not cold, water, then wash gently with antimicrobial liquid soap and apply antimicrobial ointment. Seek medical attention if the burn does not heal in 2-3 days.









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