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Brent Lancaster, MD: ‘I enjoy getting to play a part in my patients’ successes’

Dr. Brent Lancaster

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From the time he was a young boy living in Winters, Texas, Brent Lancaster knew that he wanted to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and be a doctor.

His grandfather, a family practitioner, was a “horse and buggy” doctor who did everything from primary care to surgery.
By the time Lancaster attended medical school at Texas A&M, family practitioners were referring nearly all procedures to surgeons.

“My passion was to be in the OR,” says Lancaster. “So I chose surgery.”

Lancaster completed surgical residencies at the Mayo Foundation in Rochester, Minn., and the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Wichita. In 1996, he joined Wichita Surgical Specialists and for the past 15 years has performed all types of general and trauma surgery in Wichita and overseas during two of his tours of duty as an Army reservist.

After laparoscopic techniques for bariatric surgery began being developed, that piqued his interest. He began working with Dr. James Early to develop a surgical component to the Via Christi Weight Management program.

“I knew there was a need and I wanted the challenge of learning to do the surgery laparoscopically,” says Lancaster, who now serves as the bariatric surgery program’s medical director.

As a bariatric surgeon, he gets the opportunity to follow his patients long term — a return of sorts to his family medicine roots.

“It takes a lot of work on the patient’s part in order to be successful,” says Lancaster. “But for many, the program is truly life-changing. I enjoy getting to play a part in my patients’ success.”



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