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Why You Should Choose Via Christi Cancer Care
Our breast imaging program combines comfort with well-trained staff and the best technology.

Dedicated, Accredited Staff
The doctors who read your mammogram are accredited and experienced. They are full-time, dedicated breast imaging radiologists. These professionals are required by The American College of Radiology to read at least 240 images per year. Each of our breast radiologists reads more than 3,000 images per year, which leads to more accurate cancer detection rates. They also work together to interpret results, which make our results more consistent. In addition, we have four pathologists who specialize in breast cancer.

Together, the health care professionals at the cancer center provide diagnostic services that go well beyond standard community practices. The precision and care they take can greatly improve the accuracy of your diagnosis and the detailed understanding of your cancer's stage.  With this information, they can offer you more treatment options that are targeted at your unique condition.

 We've Been Recognized

  • Named "Breast Imaging Center of Excellence" by the American College of Radiology
  • Accredited by the American College of Radiology
  • Accredited by the Mammogram Quality Standards Act

Advanced Technology
We use computer assisted detection with digital images for mammograms instead of film. They are more accurate in women who have not completed menopause and in women with dense breast tissue. We can view them right away and repeat them during the same visit.

Clinical Trials
Via Christi Cancer Care is recognized as a leader in cancer research. Our work with clinical trials means you benefit from the very latest advances in cancer treatment. You also may be able to take part in clinical trials for detecting, treating and preventing cancer.

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