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Established in 1947, the multi-specialty group formerly known as Wichita Clinic was acquired by Via Christi Health in 2010. With more than 150 doctors practicing in more than 40 specialties, Via Christi Clinic ( is one of the state's largest outpatient multi-specialty group practices and is accredited by the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care.

The organization presently has 13 locations in Kansas and the Wichita metropolitan area.  More than a half million patient visits were made to Via Christi Clinic in 2010. Via Christi Clinic currently operates in Sedgwick, Harvey and Butler counties.

Frequently Asked Questions about June 29 Name Change

Q. Will this name change affect insurance accepted by Via Christi Clinic?
A. No. This name change will not affect patient insurance coverage. If Wichita Clinic was considered in-network by your insurance, Via Christi Clinic will still be considered in-network.

Q. Can I continue to see my same doctor?
A. Yes.  We understand that your relationship with your doctor is important and valued. Our name change doesn't affect the relationship with your doctor.

Q. Will this change affect my out-of-pocket costs?
A. No. Our name change doesn't affect your insurance coverage, coinsurance or copayments. Your out-of-pocket costs are determined by your plan.

Q. Whom should I contact with questions?
A. While our name is changing, all of our contact information is the same. You can reach your doctor's office at the same phone number. For questions about insurance, contact your insurance company.

Photos from the Wichita Clinic to Via Christi Clinic sign change at Founders' Circle

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