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The Via Christi Health logo is a visual expression of our mission and values

Our Mission

Inspired by the Gospel and our Catholic tradition, we serve as a healing presence with special concern for our neighbors who are vulnerable.

Our logo evokes the personality of Via Christi. It is gracious (grace-full) and spirited. It is unifying as the three shapes, which call to mind our core values, move together and upward to form a cross. The cross reminds us of our name - Via Christi - and our mission to serve in the Way of Christ. The overall design is alive in its color and dynamic movement, signifying our readiness to respond to the needs of changing times. The design's open space reflects our openness to the movement of God's Spirit, and our reaching out to our neighbors to bring Christ's healing presence.

Our Core Values

Reverence: Compassion and respect for the dignity and diversity of life.

Integrity: Inspiring trust through personal leadership.

The blue shape reflects our rootedness in the Gospel and our commitment to
human dignity. The shape, both rooted and bending forward, calls to mind that
we are created by God and are called to act with integrity as daughters and
sons of God. We bow in reverence at the sacredness of each person. The blue
color symbolizes the ever-fresh call to serve others.

Service of the Poor: Generosity of spirit, especially for persons most in need.

Wisdom: Integrating stewardship and excellence.

The dark green shape calls to mind the resources – human, financial and
material – entrusted to us. The dark green color symbolizes God’s creation. All
that we are and have is given to us as gift. In gratitude, we act with generosity
of spirit, with particular concern for our neighbors most in need. Seeking
Wisdom, we strive for excellence in all that we say and do. The smallest of the
three shapes reminds us to use our limited resources with care.

Creativity: Courageous innovation

Dedication: Affirming the hope and joy of our ministry

The lighter green shape reaches upward, illustrating our commitment to extend
ourselves in outstanding service. We bring creativity to each encounter and
task, courageously open to new ideas. The lighter green color symbolizes our
dedication – the joy and hope we have as we further the healing mission of
Jesus, bringing healing and hope to our sisters and brothers.





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