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Attending physician. One doctor will be your "attending" or "admitting" physician and will lead the medical care team. He or she will direct your care, deciding which medical treatments, tests, medicines and therapy are necessary for you.

Consulting physicians. The attending physician may ask other doctors to help make decisions about your care. These doctors are consulted for specific conditions and report their findings to the attending physician.

Hospitalists are doctors who practice medicine full-time at the hospital and are experts in inpatient care. They act as the attending doctor at the request of community primary care doctors, emergency room doctors or other physicians. They do not see patients outside the hospital. Meet Via Christi's hospitalists

Intensivists are doctors who specialize in the care of critically ill and injured patients. They practice in most of the critical care units at Via Christi Hospitals. Intensivists examine each patient at least twice a day and are on hand to spot subtle clinical changes, respond to lab results and communicate with attending physicians.

Nursing staff provides care 24 hours a day. They include registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and patient care assistants (PCAs). A nurse leader, also an RN, oversees the nursing care on each shift.

Registered and licensed dietitians support your care in the hospital by ensuring you receive nutrition that is appropriate for your condition. Via Christi dietitians function as physician consultants, and patient and staff educators

Hospitality specialists assist with meal service, answer call lights and help keep your room tidy.

Chaplains offer spiritual support and help patients and families make healthcare decisions. Chaplains are available 24 hours a day and may be reached through your nurse or the hospital operator. Your own priest, minister, rabbi or church representative is, of course, also welcome to visit.

Social workers help with emotional, social or financial concerns related to your illness or hospitalization. They also can make arrangements for care you may need after discharge. Please inform your nurse if you would like to speak to a social worker.

House leaders can assist with special concerns that arise on weekday evenings, weekends and holidays. They are registered nurses who can answer questions about hospital policies and procedures or help with special needs. They are available through your nurse or the hospitaloperator.

Healthcare students at Via Christi are preparing for careers as physicians, nurses, technologists, technicians and other specialties. All students are carefully supervised and will identify themselves to you.

Other staff members, including pharmacists, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation therapists, social workers, laboratory and X-ray technicians and others may play a direct role in your care. Behind the scenes there are computer programmers, accountants, electricians, cooks, clerks and many other staff members who also perform important tasks.

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