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Via Christi Health

Kidney Transplant program chooses to suspend transplants, accepting organs while program undergoes review
The Via Christi Transplant Institute has chosen to suspend its Kidney Transplant program and while it continues to offer post-transplant care is not accepting organs for transplant or adding new patients to the waiting list while the program undergoes review.

“While our Kidney Transplant program has the largest waiting list and our post-transplant and graft survival rates for the most recent reporting period are some of the best in its 30-year history, we experienced four deaths and one graft failure within a three-week period among patients who had been transplanted within the past 12 months,” said Dr. Steve Nesbit, chief medical officer for Via Christi Health’s Wichita hospitals.

“Our internal reviews have not pointed to a common cause among these patients, whose length of time from transplant and causes of death are varied,” Nesbit said. “However, our commitment to quality and safety demands that we take a time out while we complete a thorough review with external experts of all aspects of what is a highly complex program caring for critically ill patients.

“Consequently, while we to continue to offer post-transplant care, we have chosen to suspend accepting organs for transplant or adding any new patients to the list until that review, which could take several months or more, is completed and we are confident we can provide safe, high-quality patient care.”


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