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Mercy Regional's recent television commercials (below) give a glimpse into our services, technologies and priorities.

Critical Care Services
A great resource for modern, holistic care, Critical Care Services includes the Intensive Care Unit, Intermediate Care Unit, and Express Unit.

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Imaging Services
Mercy Regional's state-of-the-art imaging services include diagnostic radiology, women's imaging services, and open MRI.

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Flint Hills Kidney Services

Led by the only nephrologist in Manhattan, Flint Hills Kidney Services offers diagnostic services and treatment for high blood pressure and kidney-related conditions. This commercial advertised a free kidney screening.

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The Heart Institute

The Heart Institute at Mercy Regional ensures that area citizens don't have to travel far from home to receive quality interventional cardiac care.

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K-State JumboTron
Created to air on the JumboTron at K-State home football games, these two commercials combined the forces of Mercy Regional and K-State sports.

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Mercy LIGHT is a physician-supervised weight management program that includes medical supervision, psychological evaluation, nutritional counseling, personal training and, if appropriate, surgical intervention.

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See the Marcus' Mercy Light video

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Mother's Essentials

Mother's Essentials offers breastfeeding support and products, including one-on-one help from a certified lactation consultant.

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Home to Mercy Regional's Joint Care Center, the Orthopedics department provides pre-procedure education, treatment and rehabilitation care.

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Scrub In
In response to the growing nationwide shortage of nurses and healthcare professionals, Mercy Regional's public service announcement, Scrub In, encourages young people to consider healthcare careers.

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Learn more about Mercy Regional's commitment to youth and health care.

Sleep Lab
The Sleep Lab can evaluate your sleep issues to determine whether you have a sleep disorder, and offer treatment to help.

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