Mercy Regional Health Center


Will Medicare pay for my inpatient rehabilitation?
Please see the Insurance section for details.

What is the Unit like?
The Unit is bright and cheerful with many amenities. Each patient room is private and has its own bathroom/shower. Your room has a phone and TV with cable and the facility has a dining room and gymnasium. Cell phones and laptops are permitted.

What should I bring with me?
Pack as though you are going on a four-day trip. You will need the clothes that you wear at home. If possible, plan for your family to do your laundry. Bring comfortable shoes, toiletries, deodorant, makeup and pajamas. Each day, the occupational therapist will help you practice dressing, bathing and other daily activities, so it's good to have the items you use on a daily basis. Please do not bring curling irons or hair dryers. Electric shavers are permitted. Please note that the hospital is not responsible for personal items that may be lost or stolen.

What will I be doing?
You must be willing to participate in a minimum of three hours of rehabilitation a day, five days a week. Therapy may include physical, occupational and speech therapy. Your therapy will be scheduled throughout the day with rest periods in between. Many activiites such as dressing, bathing, etc are counted as part of your thee hours.

Will I see physicians while on the unit?
You will be followed by Dr. Poell for your rehabilitation needs. Any specialist such as neurology, pain management, cardiac or orthopedics are available for consult. Your primary care physician will receive a summary of your stay andwill be notified of any new medications.

What is the typical weekly schedule?
Each day, your therapy schedule will be posted in your room. Each week, your team will evaluate your progress and a team member will review that information with you and your family. Limited therapy is scheduled on Saturday, and Sunday is a day of rest.

Your family is welcome to visit and/or share meals with you anytime, as long as you notify the staff ahead of time. 

What about my medications?
Medications will be provided. Please bring a list of your current home medications, if available.

How long will I stay?
Our average length of stay is 10 days. Your length of stay is determined by your consistent progress with therapy. Your motivation and effort is essential to that progress. When you are ready to be discharged, you and your family will participate in all the planning to asist you in making a smooth transition from the hospital. You will receive a professionally designed home exercise plan.