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If you've talked to your doctor and together have determined that surgery is your best medical solution, Via Christi offers an option you'll want to explore: robotic surgery.Small incisions speed up recoveries.

With our precise da Vinci® robotic Surgical System, recoveries are usually measured in days not weeks. Tiny, minimally invasive entry points replace traditional open-surgery incisions, which may be 8 to 10 inches long. Most patients recover dramatically quicker and experience less pain.

Patient Stories

Paul Wegner

Paul Wegner said he wasn't having any problem with his colon before a routine colonoscopy discovered a precancerous tumor there.

Instead of the long recovery period of traditional surgery, Wegner was back home in Haysville, Kan., four days later.

"The robot really saved me hospital time," Wegner said. "I am still totally amazed, for no more cutting than they did," said Wegner. "I was feeling great in no time."

Kim Brottom

Kim Brotton feels she got the best outcomes possible with her recent hysterectomy at Via Christi Hospital on Harry. Brotton, who had heavy periods since her early teens, had been suffering with extremely heavy bleeding for some time.

Brotton had the procedure one afternoon and went home the next morning. Dr. Brown told her she could begin driving after a week and after two weeks she could "go back to normal," she said. One of her first "normal" duties was getting her classroom at Derby Middle School ready for students.  

Corky Flentie

When Erwin "Corky" Flentie was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he talked with his doctor about his treatment options. That's how he learned about the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System that surgeons at Via Christi Hospital are now using to perform prostatectomies.

With da Vinci, even a complex surgery like a prostatectomy requires only a few small incisions. For patients that means less pain, blood loss, scarring and risk of infection, and shorter hospital stays.

"Mr. Flentie had no pain-zero-and went to work three days after his surgery," said Dr. Farha. "Being able to recover so quickly is a huge benefit for patients and their families." Flentie simply says the surgical robot was a life-saver.




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