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Via Christi Hospitals in Wichita

Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis joins Midwest Cancer Alliance
WICHITA, Kan.—Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis has joined the Midwest Cancer Alliance (MCA), a membership-based organization that works to improve cancer care across Kansas by providing access to the latest advancements close to home. The MCA links discoveries made in the labs at The University of Kansas Cancer Center to a region-wide network of hospitals and health care organizations in an effort to advance the quality and reach of cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and survivorship methods to Kansas and western Missouri.

“We are excited about the opportunities that exist by working collaboratively with the Midwest Cancer Alliance and joining the strengths and capabilities of both organizations,” said Claudio Ferraro, executive leader of Oncology Services for Via Christi’s Wichita hospitals.

“Joining the capabilities of our hospitals in Wichita with those of the Midwest Cancer Alliance will undoubtedly provide more Kansans with greater access to state-of-the-art, close-to-home cancer research,” Ferraro said. Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg was a founding member of the MCA.

Since 1983, physicians at the Cancer Center of Kansas and Via Christi’s Wichita hospitals have developed and led the Wichita Community Clinical Oncology Program (WCCOP) – one of the most highly regarded programs of 50 such organizations in communities across the United States.

“Joining MCA will afford member organizations the chance to learn more about the extensive clinical trials offered through our Wichita CCOP and we’ll be able to learn more about what they’re doing as well,” said Shaker Dakhil, MD, president of Cancer Center of Kansas and medical director for Via Christi Oncology Services. “Our collaboration should result in greater research and treatment options for all Kansans.”

As a member of the MCA Clinical Trials Network, Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis can further expand and strengthen its continuum of cancer care by:

  • Providing patients access to additional advanced clinical trials, including new trials developed at the University of Kansas Medical Center;
  • Growing its network of cancer professionals; and
  • Expanding continuing professional education and access to consultation and second opinion services.

“Our goal is to make sure Kansans can access the latest advancements in cancer care close to home,” said Gary Doolittle, MD, medical director of the Midwest Cancer Alliance. “Via Christi Health shares this goal and we are excited to welcome Wichita to the network.”

The MCA network currently serves 15 cancer center and health care organization members throughout the region.