Inpatient Services available at Via Christi Behavioral Health Center

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For information and referrals,
call 316-858-0218.

Via Christi Behavioral Health Center:

Acute Psychiatric Care Unit:

  • 20 bed intensive care unit for high risk patients
  • Focus on helping patients stabilize
  • High levels of staff contact and support
  • Medication management
  • Reality-focused orientation

Adult Unit 1:

  • 20 bed general adult unit
  • Focus on symptom identification, management and relapse prevention
  • Family, significant others or case managers encouraged to be involved with patient consent

Adult Unit 2:

  • 20 bed unit for adults with serious or persisting  mental illness with acute need for supervised evaluation
  • Patient and family education related to diagnosis
  • Group, individual and family therapy options
  • Relapse prevention

Adolescent Unit:

  • 20 bed short term, acute unit for ages 11-17
  • Treatment focused on accurate diagnosis and reality oriented therapy
  • Family involvement emphasized

Via Christi Hospital on Harry:

Senior Behavioral Health Unit:

  • 28 bed gero-psychiatric unit for adults over age 55
  • designed to meet mental health needs of the elderly
  • Assists elderly adults and their support network to develop strategies to stabilize their needs




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